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What Is A QDRO?

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

When two people are in the process of getting a divorce, retirement pension plans are often one of the assets most hotly contested, especially if the couple is middle-aged or older. However, unlike most marital assets, retirement plans cannot simply be divided down the middle – federal law requires a more drawn-out method of… Read More »


55 + Housing Communities And The Fair Housing Act

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Given Florida’s significant percentage of elderly people, it is no surprise that many condominium boards and homeowners’ associations have chosen to make their communities available to only those over the age of 55, or at least to those with no children under 18. However, you should be aware that those communities that choose to… Read More »


Child Custody In Military Divorce

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

When military servicemembers get divorced, there are a host of factors that need to be dealt with that civilians generally do not have to worry about. For example, in child custody proceedings, parents have to plan for deployments and changes in station, as well as any other unforeseen complications that might infringe on parenting… Read More »


Warning Signs To Look For In Your Prenup

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Prenuptial agreements are becoming commonplace nowadays, but not all prenups are created equal. There are certain provisions that cannot be put into a Florida prenup, and there are certain appearances that must be avoided during the time in which the agreement is being negotiated. If any so-called red flags appear or become known, the… Read More »


Water & Mold Damage In Your Condo?

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

No one wants to deal with damage to their home, no matter the type, but in Florida’s muggy weather, water and mold damage is both common and particularly severe. Condo owners are often hard hit by mold damage, both because condos are so often on the water, and also because the insurance laws surrounding… Read More »


Debts In Florida Probate

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Probate is a process that can go smoothly, or it can descend into innumerable complex disputes. Nowhere is this more evident than in trying to pay off the debts incurred by the deceased person. Paying off the decedent’s debts must be done before anything can be disbursed to the beneficiaries, so it is critical… Read More »


What Is Retroactive Child Support?

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Child support is a hotly debated issue in many Florida divorces, and it can get even worse if retroactive child support is brought into the equation. Florida does allow for retroactive child support, but the concept is very confusing to many people, who may not be aware that they are on the proverbial hook… Read More »


Why Do I Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Many couples choose to go without a prenuptial agreement, instead preferring to negotiate issues like alimony and child support when they go through a divorce (if ever). However, there are very good reasons for couples to at least consider a prenup, even if they think it might be unnecessary. If you are soon to… Read More »


Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Probate

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

When a loved one has passed away, the last thing you want to do is deal with paperwork and state requirements. However, if they pass away with assets that need to go through probate, there is a time limit on starting that process. Probate can be quite confusing for a layperson, and in many… Read More »


Relocation & Divorced Military Families

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

It is not uncommon for divorced or divorcing parents to have disagreements about relocations and parenting time, but it is perhaps more complex when one or both parents are in the military. Being reassigned and having to move, often a long distance away, is much more common in military families, and it cannot be… Read More »

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