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Can I Have An Emotional Support Animal In My Condo?

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

In this day and age, more and more people have emotional support animals (ESAs), as well as those who have service animals to assist them with their disabilities. However, in Florida, many people are finding that their homeowners’ associations and condominium boards are pushing back against ESAs in their dwelling places, even though state… Read More »


Creating A Living Trust In Florida

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Many people in Florida use wills to pass down their estates upon their passing. However, there are alternatives, chief among them living trusts (also called revocable trusts). Depending on the specific situation you are in, and the assets you have, a trust may be a better choice in terms of safeguarding your possessions, given… Read More »


FAQ On Florida Prenuptial Agreements

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Marriage is so often seen as a sweeping, romantic, life-changing event, and it can feel like the opposite of romance to talk about signing contracts before going ahead with the big day. However, there is more and more evidence to show that couples who enter into prenuptial or postnuptial agreements have stronger marriages –… Read More »


Irregularities In Florida Child Support

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Florida’s child support guidelines lay out a specific procedure to follow so that each parent pays only what they can afford. However, it is sadly not uncommon for a noncustodial parent to try and subvert the guidelines or otherwise get out of paying their rightful support obligation, and it can very often take an… Read More »


Florida Probate 101

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Dealing with the probate process is not something that the average person thinks about until they have a loved one pass away. However, the learning curve can be very steep if you are thrust into a position where you need to navigate probate on your own. Consulting an experienced probate attorney is important, but… Read More »


Two Laws To Help With Your Florida Military Divorce

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

If you are involved in a military divorce, it can be confusing because some standard civilian divorce laws no longer technically apply, or they apply in a manner that is different to how they apply in a civilian case. There are a couple of laws that help to fill in that gap in a… Read More »


What Is A QDRO?

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

When two people are in the process of getting a divorce, retirement pension plans are often one of the assets most hotly contested, especially if the couple is middle-aged or older. However, unlike most marital assets, retirement plans cannot simply be divided down the middle – federal law requires a more drawn-out method of… Read More »


55 + Housing Communities And The Fair Housing Act

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Given Florida’s significant percentage of elderly people, it is no surprise that many condominium boards and homeowners’ associations have chosen to make their communities available to only those over the age of 55, or at least to those with no children under 18. However, you should be aware that those communities that choose to… Read More »


Child Custody In Military Divorce

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

When military servicemembers get divorced, there are a host of factors that need to be dealt with that civilians generally do not have to worry about. For example, in child custody proceedings, parents have to plan for deployments and changes in station, as well as any other unforeseen complications that might infringe on parenting… Read More »


Warning Signs To Look For In Your Prenup

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Prenuptial agreements are becoming commonplace nowadays, but not all prenups are created equal. There are certain provisions that cannot be put into a Florida prenup, and there are certain appearances that must be avoided during the time in which the agreement is being negotiated. If any so-called red flags appear or become known, the… Read More »

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