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Tag Archives: Condominium Arbitration Fort Lauderdale

Disputes That Do Not Require Arbitration

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

In Florida, the majority of condominium-related disputes are subject to non-binding arbitration. Arbitration is held out as the method for remedy in several state statutes, and the nature of the disputes to be arbitrated is clearly laid out. However, there are many varieties of dispute that one may have with one’s condominium association that… Read More »

Jurisdiction in Condominium Disputes

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

Due to land being at a premium, among other factors, a significant majority of Floridians reside in either condominiums or in communities with a homeowners’ association (HOA). However, not all of them read the agreements they are signing. Rather than tacitly permitting lawsuits over every real and perceived slight, Florida enacted a law requiring… Read More »

Condominium Dispute Over American Flag

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

If you own a condominium, can your condo association prevent you from flying an American flag over your balcony? That’s the question that has arisen for a condo owner in Jacksonville, Florida, according to a recent article from local NBC 12 First Coast News. What are the issues involved in this condominium dispute? And… Read More »

Condo Arbitration: Non-Binding Arbitration in Florida

By Steven A. Mason, P.A. |

What is a condo arbitration? Arbitration is an alternative to a court proceeding where a neutral third person, called an arbitrator, considers the facts and arguments presented by the parties and renders a decision. An arbitration proceeding may involve a hearing if there are disputed issues of material fact. If a hearing is held,… Read More »

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